Judo Mat

Brand: Dollamur & Flexi Roll

Size: 14MX14M / 16MX16M / Customized Size

Logo:Customized Logo

Thickness: 2cm-5cm

Surface: Tatami

Connect Way: Tape Connect & Flexi-Connect™

Color: Blue / Black / Green / Grey / Red / Yellow / White

Mat Type: Floor Mat , Wall Mat ,Pillar Mat

The Dollamur original FLEXI-Roll® mat is the ultimate, American Made martial arts mat.  Dollamur mats are manufactured using the latest in athletic foam technology. The closed-cell, cross-linked foam provides maximum shock absorption and will never harden allowing mats to maintain performance throughout their life. The FLEXI-Roll® mat is available in a variety of thickness and smooth or tatami texture, making it the most versatile martial arts mat available today.

Once the FLEXI-Roll® mats are installed you will have a seamless floor that is very easy to clean and maintain. This seamless surface is one of the safest mats available. Hazardous cracks and crevices are eliminated leaving nowhere for a toe or foot to sink in. Find out why the top gyms in the country have chosen the FLEXI-Roll® including: UFC Gyms, iLoveKickboxing, American Kickboxing Academy & American Top Team.

FLEXI-Roll®Mat Benefits:
◦Light-weight rolls 6' wide by any length
◦Easy to clean, easy to customize
◦Available in 1", 1 1/4", 1 5/8" & 2" (smooth vinyl only) thicknesses
◦Tatami vinyl or smooth vinyl available
◦Vinyl is treated with an antimicrobial safeguard against bacteria
◦Custom lettering & logos available

Try our FLEXI-Roll Mat,Please contact info@flexirollsports.com