Cheerleading Mat

Brand: Dollamur & Flexi Roll

Size: 54'*42'/  42'*42'/  Customized Size

Thickness: 2cm-5cm

Surface: Carpet Surface

Connect Way: Velcro Connect & Flexi-Connect™

Color: Light Blue/ Dark Blue/ Black/ Light Grey/ Dark Grey/ Red/Purple

Dollamur Cheer Roll Flooring Mats

Dollamur cheer mats have become synonomous with high quality, safety, and convenience. Our cheerleading mats use the highest quality foam, and carpet to make a mat that is the most imitated mat in the industry™. No wonder Dollamur mats are trusted by the top cheerleading programs in the nation, and are featured at national level competition.

The Dollamur original FLEXI-Roll® mat is the ultimate, American made mat. Our mats are manufactured using the latest in athlectic foam technology. The closed-cell, cross-linked foam provides maximum shock absorption and maintain performance throughout their life.
Make a positive, lasting impact on students and competitors with high-performance cheerleading roll flooring mats from Dollamur.

Find our FLEXI-Roll Mat,Please contact info@flexirollsports.com